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Corrugated Boxes

What Are Corrugated Boxes? :

Corrugated Boxes are durable and lightweight cardboard boxes made of corrugated paperboard. The corrugated board comes in many different scales of thickness. This is important because it relates to the amount of weight the corrugated board can hold up without breaking. Plus the fluted or module paper acts as air cushions that make the material Corrugated Boxes are made out of stronger.


Benefits of Corrugated:

Corrugated packaging is efficient :

  • Corrugated packaging is the number one Transport packaging in the world.

  • Thanks to technical innovations corrugated has become lighter without impairing

  • its protective and structural properties.

  • The rigidity and lightness of corrugated packaging minimises costs and optimises

    the marketing and sale of the products.

  • Its ingenuous construction provides remarkable shock absorption properties as

    well as excellent thermal insulation.

  • Corrugated packaging meets the diverse packaging requirements of many different


  • Thanks to its versatility, it can be specially designed for the product it contains

    offering unlimited packaging solutions. Even the biggest spare parts, fragile goods

    and high tech products can be safely transported.

Corrugated packaging is an environmentally friendly product :

  • Corrugated packaging is made from a natural and renewable resources. After use,

    it becomes new paper again for the benefit of our environment.

  • Corrugated packaging contributes to forest growth by encouraging good forest


  • Today in Europe, forest grow faster than they are consumed. Paper Manufacturers

    who own forests and who apply modern forestry practices, ensure that more trees

    are planted than are felled and preserve the biodiversity in the forests.

  • Do you know that recovered packaging is the first raw material source of the

    corrugated packaging industry. The increase in recovery and recycling is an efficient way to reduce landfills.